Mortgage Programs


Fixed Rate Mortgage

This is the most common type of mortgage program. A fixed rate mortgage offers a very stable monthly interest and principal payment. We offer very competitive fixed rate mortgages while maintaining customer service throughout the life of the loan.

Balloon Mortgage

In some instances, the traditional fixed rate residential mortgage does not fit a borrowers financial situation. In those cases, we offer amortizing mortgages with a balloon payment. Balloon loans are short-term mortgages that have some of the same features of a fixed rate mortgage. This loan provides a level payment feature during the term of the loan, but as opposed to the fixed rate mortgages, balloon loans do not fully amortize over the original term. Balloon loans are popular with those expecting to sell or refinance their property within a definite period of time.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Offering a very good initial rate, this loan’s interest rate adjusts at specified intervals based on predetermined indexes. Depending on changing market conditions, if your rates go up, your monthly mortgage payment will go up, too. However, if rates go down, your mortgage payment will drop also.

Jumbo Loan

Are you in need of a large loan? Our jumbo loan allows for a financing that is larger than what Fannie Mae guidelines allow.

Credit Challenged Loan

Are you one of those people who have been hit with some misfortune and your credit report shows it? We offer loans to our customers who had slight credit problems in the past and it temporarily prevents them from using normal lending channels.

Construction Loan

Whether you’re building a new home or adding on to the old one, you’ll probably confront a roomful of construction details. Ease the load and let us help by creating the perfect financing plan for your new project.

Swing Loan

Is it time to purchase a new home, but you have not sold your existing home yet? We offer swing loans to facilitate the buying of a new property prior to the sale of an existing property.

Lot/Land Loan

Lot/land loans are used to finance the purchase of a developed piece of ground for the purpose of construction at a later date.

Mortgage App for Phones

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